Your Own Healing by Jenay Zahler

Your Own Healing

What's included?

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5 mins
Goal + Intention Setting
4.08 MB
Identifying Your Wounds
Where do you need to heal
Where do you need to heal - Part 1
3 mins
Where do you need to heal - Part 2
7 mins
Honest Inventory
14.5 MB
Learning the Lessons Part 1 + Healing Mantras
Your Healing Mantras
65.8 KB
Lesson 1
9 mins
Morning Mantras
5.88 MB
Lessons Part 2 + Body Scan Meditation
Lessons Part 2
Body Scan Meditation
Learning Lessons Part 2
10 mins
Deeper Look At Spiritual Mantras
10.4 MB
Chakra Mantra Guide
76 KB
Intro to Your Foundation - Meditation
Intro To Meditation
10 mins
Stress Release Meditation
6 mins
Breath Retention Meditation
8 mins
Get Support through Prayer
Does prayer trigger you?
5 mins
5.49 MB
Acknowledging Ego & Finding Your Interpretation Tipping Point
The Ego Mind
Ego Erradicator
3 mins
Interpretation Tipping Point
6.67 MB
Thought Labeling - You vs Ego
thought labeling
7 mins
Thought Labeling
2.22 MB
Ego Eradicator Meditation
Ego Eradicator
Ego Eradicator
4.84 KB
ego erradicator
3 mins
Meditation Guide
10.4 MB
A Clear Channel
Becoming a Clear Channel
Clear Channel
9 mins
Release + Replace Thought Technique
Release + Replace Thought Technique
Release Replace Thought Technique
9 mins
Judging Your Judgment
You are a mirror
18 mins
Dropping Judgement
12.4 MB
Forgiveness is Freedom
Finding Freedom in Forgiveness
Forgiveness Form
6.71 MB
10 mins
Understanding Wounds of Familial Lineage
Your Family Heritage Needs Healing...
10 mins
Dear Trauma: Forgiveness Letters
Forgiveness Letters
Forgiveness Letters
4 mins
Forgiveness letters
8.83 MB
3 Simple Steps
3 Simple Steps to Remember
3 Steps To Healing.pdf
8.45 MB
3 Simple Steps To Healing Part 1
6 mins
Learning Emotional Freedom Technique EFT - Tapping
Emotional Freedom Technique, aka "Tapping"
6 mins
Tapping Tree Handout
126 KB
Tapping Points Visual
51 KB
Tapping for Beginners
92.4 KB
Healing Tapping Tree
6.77 MB
Tapping Script
6.8 MB
Coming Back to this Question
How Am I Looking At This?
How Am I Looking At This
2 mins
Rating Toxic Relationships & Situations
Rating Toxicity Technique
Rating Toxic Relationships
5 mins
Handling Any Situation with Grace
Handling Any Situation with Grace..
How To Handle Any Toxic Situation With Grace
2 mins
Fists of Anger Kundalini Meditation
Fists of Anger Meditation
Fists Of Anger Meditation
6 mins
Fists of Anger
2.48 MB
Getting Grateful
Get Grateful!
8 mins
Ask For What You Need
Learn to Ask for What You Need
Asking For What You Need
5 mins
Getting What You Ask For
Why do your thoughts matter?
Feel to Heal 90 Second Technique
Feel to Heal 90 Second Technique (adapted from Rha Goddess)
Feel To Heal 90 Sec
4 mins
4 Word Mantra for Complete Re-Alignment - Peace Begins With Me
Peace Begins With Me
Peace Begins With Me Meditation
3 mins
Honoring The Process
Honoring The Healing Process
Honoring The Process
4 mins
Getting Into Alignment
Getting into Alignment..
Clearing Your Path (Module 6 Intro)
5 mins
Lowering Your Toxic Load - Law of Attraction
Loa Toxic Load
5 mins
3 Step System to Manifestation
3 Steps to Manifestation
3 Step Manifestation - Loa
18 mins
Resetting Your Money Mindset
Book recommendations
Money Mindset Reset
6.47 MB
Money Mantra Examples
10 MB
17 Seconds Trick
17 Seconds Trick
17 Seconds
8 mins
YOU Are the Point of Attraction
Point Of Attraction - Your Own Healing
6 mins
Live In The Joy
Live in the Joy
Live In The Joy
11 mins
Rituals for Alignment
Sacred Rituals
4 mins
Give Life Only to What You Want
Only Give Life to It... if You Want it!
Don't Give It Life
3 mins
Keep Coming Back!
Keep Coming Back..
Keep Coming Back
3 mins

About The Coach

Jenay Rose, aka Namaste Jenay is a Self Mastery and Emotional Intelligence Expert here to ignite the millennial generation. 

She uses modern spirituality and practical tools to foster life changing transformation and awakening in her soulmate students — YOU. 

PS: She is vegan, loves animals, yoga, and is newly married!